Wednesday, February 12, 2003

I have a few moments to breathe and so I'll take the opportunity to blog.

The Catholic Social Ministries Gathering was this week in Washington, D.C. It is a gathering sponsored by a bunch of organizations but primarily the USCCB. The point is to bring together people who work in social ministries at all levels, parish, diocesan, national and international and give the support and have everyone on the same page as far as resources, what's going on legislatively and so on. It is an excellent and relevant gathering and is gathering steam.

24 on Fox last nite was pretty good. The show gets better with time unlike Alias which, like ER is drifting. It is interesting that they eliminated Nina Meyers from the story and now the tension is between Jack and Marie's sister (I forget her name). I had thought that through some crazy twist Jack and Nina would end up as buddies. The deal with the circle of traitors around the President is also interesting but slowly getting too complicated for simple minds like mine.

I finally got all the pieces for my digital camera, but the purchases don't seem to stop. I now have to get a light so that I can take good pictures in poor lighting. First it was a card reader, then usb cable, then battery recharger, deluxe carrying case, extra battery, another picture card, now I have to get lights or atleast a major duty flash. I have to do all this because we have a so much stuff in our brick and mortar store that is not online and scanning is a pain in the neck. But I can take pictures and that should be less labor intensive and produce good results.

I finally figured out how to transfer a database from Quickbooks to Microsoft Excel and from there to Microsoft Access. I did have to fiddle with hundreds of individual entries but at least, I have our biz databases in Access. I am slowly and reluctantly warming up to my Dell computer which I discovered to much chagrin doesn't have a floppy drive (another purchase I need to make). At least the computer is not as bad as I thought, but I am still very dissappointed in Dell support. I still prefer Gateway's customer support.

The NFL hiring season is over and the minority hiring score card is not good. What does Ted Cotrell of the Jests have to do to get a NFL head coaching job? Apparently all he has to do is be a head coach in the NFL and have four loosing seasons and get rewarded by San Francisco.


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